Cold Brew Cotton Coffee Filter

I love, love, love a cold brew coffee with its rich, smooth taste — especially in the summer! And I love making it even more with a cold brew filter. No more mess from fussing with strainers and cheesecloth! No sludge like with a french press! Just delicious, smooth, tasty cold brew coffee….

Our cold brew filters are made for Sparkplug from 100% cotton by our neighbours in the Regent Park Sewing Circle.

These filters are super easy to use - just put ground coffee into the cold brew filter, place the filter in a container, add water, and let sit at room temperature or in a fridge for 12-18 hours. Remove filter (squeeze to get out every last drop of that black nectar), and you're done. Your cold brew coffee will last 3 or 4 weeks stored in the fridge. Or so I'm told. Mine always gets consumed faster than that! 

The filter is designed to fit a standard half-gallon (1.9L) wide-mouthed mason jar. Or you can use any pitcher, jug or container you have on hand to make a delicious, smooth cold brew coffee.

Cleanup is quick and easy - empty filter of grounds (compost or add to your garden), rinse and hang to dry. And your cotton filter should last a year or more with regular use. 

We make our cold brew strong so it can be diluted to taste. We use 6 oz / 165 grams (about 1 ¾ cups / 400 ml) of ground coffee to 4 cups / 1 L of water. Yes, you read that right! After diluting, we end up with about 2 quarts / litres of cold brew coffee. We mix one part of our cold brew concentrate with 2 parts of water, ice, milk or cream. You can even add hot water to make a hot coffee with this concentrate! See the full recipe on The Scoop.

Sparkplug Price: $17.50

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Who is this for?

Your filter may look slightly different than pictured. These filters are handmade for Sparkplug Coffee in Toronto and there is some variability in the thread colours and loop material.

Like all of our products, these filters come with a happiness guarantee. If you don’t love it, we’ll replace it or give your money back!

Made in Toronto by the Regent Park Sewing Circle

Threading together community members to:

  1. Learn sewing skills

  2. Build a social network

  3. Gain support

  4. Increase self-confidence

Regent Park is a neighbourhood of Toronto that was built as a public housing project in the 1940s. Until recently, all its residents were poor, a requirement to access public housing, and the community had a higher than average representation of visible minorities, new immigrants and refugees.

Threading together people of the community, the Regent Park Sewing Circle is a collective of men and women of all ages and cultures, who join together to create sewing projects.

We are proud to support this initiative which is based in our neighbourhood, just around the corner from Sparkplug HQ. And are super happy with the filters!