Boston Coffee Press

Strong and tall, the Boston Press’ chrome design, all-metal filter, and heat-resistant glass carafe will bring out the best of your coffee. Great for tea, too! A soft-touch handle and mirrored exterior make this French Press the perfect choice for any occasion. While it is dishwasher safe, we recommend gently cleaning all parts with soapy water and hand drying to ensure the longest life. (Though replacement carafes are available if needed. Ask us for more info.) 

Available in 2 sizes: 

  • the SMALL is designed for one person. It holds about 12 oz. or 350 ml or 1 great big mug of coffee.
  • the LARGE holds about 34 oz. or 1 litre for 3 North American mugs or 6 European cups of coffee.

Sparkplug Price: 

$35 for the Boston Coffee Press – Small (12 oz / 350 ml)

$45 for the Boston Coffee Press – Large (34 oz / 1 litre)