Bamboo Straws

How fun are these?! Bamboo drinking straws - no plastic, no inks, no dyes, nothing but durable, sturdy natural bamboo. When we found these, we immediately wanted them for our cold brew coffees. And for ice teas, cocktails, smoothies, juices… 

Made of USDA certified organic bamboo, the straws come in a set of 6 with the thoughtful addition of a cleaning brush. You may want to wash them a couple times and break them in with cold beverages - like a lovely cold brew coffee - before using with hot drinks which can bring out the bamboo taste. 

The price includes free basic shipping anywhere in Canada. Sweet deal! 

Sparkplug Price:  $12.95 for a set of 6 straws

Outside Canada? We ship to other countries for a small flat rate fee. Add to cart and put in your address to find out the cost. Note that our pricing is all in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

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