Airtight AirScape

airtight coffee storage to protect your beans


Airtight Airscape Coffee Storage Container

Oxygen is the enemy of fresh roasted coffee. The amazing airtight AirScape container will keep your coffee fresher longer. Oxygen is forced out and freshness sealed in.

Made of commercial-grade 18-8 stainless steel, the AirScape has two lids - the patented inner lid forces air out and locks freshness in. The outer lid is clear so you can tell how full the container is.

With a capacity of 64 oz / 1.9 liters, this container easily holds a Standard 850 ml bag of Sparkplug Coffee.

Made of restaurant-grade 18-8 stainless steel which does not absorb scents or tastes, you can use this for other foods without worries of transferring flavors. Great for tea, nuts, spices, brown sugar, rice, cereals, seeds, flour or any other dry foods. 

Sparkplug Price:  $54.95 

including 200g of Sparkplug Coffee & FREE basic shipping within Canada

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