The Amazing
Aeropress Coffeemaker

AeroPress - The Full Kit

Our guy Joe's favorite coffeemaker, the AeroPress makes a mighty fine brew. Smooth and rich and remarkably consistent. It is easy to use and easy to clean up, too. Combining the best of a French press and espresso maker, it takes less than a minute to mix ground Sparkplug Coffee with hot water, stir, then press the plunger through a paper filter to end up with rich, clean and concentrated coffee.

Just add Sparkplug Coffee & water - the AeroPress comes with everything you need including 350 filters with holder, a coffee scoop, funnel, stirrer and, of course, the AeroPress.

Made in the USA by famous flying ring (frisbee) manufacturer Aerobie. Check out Youtube and the interweb for the upside-down method of brewing with the AeroPress and to see how coffee nerds are brewing with it. There’s even an AeroPress World Championship!

Sparkplug Price: $42.95

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Extra Pack of AeroPress Filters

Need refills of the AeroPress filters? No problem! Each pack of replacement contains 350 paper filters - a year's supply for some coffee lovers, enough for a couple of months for other coffee fiends.

Sparkplug Price: $9.95

Who is this for?