33 Coffees Tasting Journal

take note of your coffee adventures


33 Cups of Coffee

Pocket-sized Tasting Journal 

We love these well-designed and thoughtfully laid-out coffee journals. Each book has 33 pages where you can jot down the type of coffee, how it was made and your assessment of its taste.

The Coffee Tasting Wheel maps out the different characteristics of a coffee: bitter, smoky, caramel, chocolate, different fruits, salty, spicy, etc.

We find this helps both to figure out what style you prefer and to recall specific coffees that you've sampled. 

33 Cups of Coffee is designed and made in Portland, Oregon using eco-friendly practices such as 100% recycled paper, US-grown soy-based inks (with a few drops of coffee added to each batch). 

Each book measures about 12.5 x 9 cm (3.5" x 5") and is designed to fit easily into a pocket.

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