Calgary Elite Synchro Swim Club | Coffee Fundraising


Calgary Elite Synchro Fundraiser

November 14 - 26, 2018

deadline EXTENDED!

All Orders must be in by midnight December 2nd!

 Buy Coffee & Support A Swimmer

Buy Coffee & Support A Swimmer

Sparkplug Sizes & Prices: 

  • $20 each for STANDARD 400g bags of coffee

    • makes about 35 - 45 cups

  • $40 each for LARGE 900g bags of coffee

    • makes about 85 - 100 cups or 15-20 pots

The holidays are coming. Buy for yourself, buy some gifts, sell to your friends and neighbours, help a swimmer!

Fundraising For (Name of CES Swimmer):

What coffee?

What size?

Whole Bean or Ground?


Perk-Me-Ups: Dark Chocolate Drenched Coffee Beans

5 x 55g bags of Perk-Me-Up Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Each Perk-Me-Up is a premium, roasted coffee bean drenched in dark chocolate

If you've never tried chocolate covered coffee beans, you're in for a treat!

Sparkplug Price: 

$19.95 for 5 x 55g snack packs (275g in all)

Allergy alert! Made for us at a facility in Toronto that also makes nutty products. Contains milk ingredients and may have come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts and wheat.

Coffee Choices

Select from our most popular medium roast, dark roast and decaf coffees.

Fuss Studio

medium roast Blend

Fuss Studio is a classic blend of South & Central American coffees. Named for the fussy coffee drinkers at Fuss Hair Studio in Toronto’s Leslieville. Fuss serves it to their customers and it’s a real crowd-pleaser. Smooth and balanced, medium-dark roast, this blend makes a delicious cup of java.

Globetrotter organic espresso

dark roast organic blend

If you love a dark, strong, bold coffee, then Globetrotter is for you! We call this Globetrotter because it is made of all-organic beans from all corners of the globe. Dark roasted, this is an espresso-style blend that also makes a delicious drip or French press. Dark, smoky-sweet, complex. Smooth and suave, never bitter.

Road Trip

City (lighter) roast blend

Organic Ethiopian beans are the secret to this sweet and balanced coffee. Road Trip is our most delicate coffee with hints of blueberry, jasmine and raisin. A lighter tasting and modern-style coffee, this one is for connoisseurs.

Unleaded Decaf

Decaffeinated Dark Roast Blend

Unleaded Decaf - beans from around the globe, roasted a little darker than usual for decaf, blended to create a delicious, full-flavoured coffee. Great brewed, amazing as espresso.  Chocolatey with a rich body and clean finish. You'll never guess it's decaf!

The holidays will soon be here! And these coffees will arrive early in December. Take this opportunity to order extra for your holiday gatherings. They make great host gifts and Christmas presents, too!

NOTES & Coffee FAQs:

  • WHERE will the coffee be shipped?

    • ALL ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED TOGETHER to Calgary Elite Synchro and will be DISTRIBUTED BY THE CLUB in the middle of December.

  • WHEN will the coffee arrive?

    • Our goal is to get it to Calgary Elite Synchro by the 2nd week of December.

    • LAST DATE to order has been extended to MIDNIGHT on DECEMBER 2nd so don’t delay!

  • How can I pay for the coffee?

    • You can pay by credit card or PayPal (no need for a PayPal account) on our website. All orders must be paid for at time of ordering.

  • What is the shipping cost?

    • Shipping is FREE. But note that all orders will be shipped together.

  • How much money will be raised for each swimmer?

    • Calgary Elite Synchro will receive $5 for every 400g bag of coffee & $10 for every Large 900g bag ordered.

    • Each 5-pack of Perk-Me-Up chocolate covered beans will earn $5.

    • Be sure to tell us which swimmer you’re supporting!

  • How good is this coffee?

    • Our customers say that it’s wonderful! See below for what they have to say about Sparkplug coffees.

    • All our coffees are made from ethically sourced, premium Arabica coffees. Most beans we use are organically farmed, all are directly traded or FairTrade.

    • Every week, our coffees are roasted, hand-blended and packed to order (whole bean or ground just before shipping) to ensure it arrives as fresh as possible. We recommend drinking them up within 6-8 weeks of the packing date (noted on every bag) for the freshest, most flavourful coffee.

Perk-Me-Up FAQs:

  • Do I just eat these? Whole coffee beans?

    • Yes, these are totally edible!

  • Do these contain caffeine?

    • Yes, Perk-Me-Ups contain caffeine and sugar so will give you a little energy boost.

  • How much will these perk me up?

    • Just a bit. They are safe to eat at any time of day. Just don't go  crazy and eat them all just before bedtime!

  • Can I buy just one 55g bag?

    • Sorry but not at this time. We'd have to charge you $10 or more for one bag including shipping and that's just crazy.

  • Allergy alert!

    • These are made from a dark milk chocolate so do include milk ingredients.

    • Made for us at a facility in Toronto that also makes nutty products, may have come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts and wheat.

Thank you for Supporting Calgary Elite Synchro… & for drinking great coffee!